Kuiz Sains

Choose the correct answers
  1. Which of the following is a non living thing ? A. Balsam plant B.car C. Bird
  2. Which of the following is aliving thing ? A. River B. Computer C. mouse
  3. Which of these foods helps us to grow A. fish B. Fruits C. Bread
  4. Animals need …….and water to stay alive. A. air B. shoes C. plants
  5. What do we need to stay healthy? A.Vegetables B. sweets C. Ice-cream
  6. Plants produce  flowers which develop into …… A. leaf B. stem C. fruits  

          Centipede , caterpillar
  1. How are the above animals similar? A.they have wings B.They have many legs C.The have beaks
  2. Which of these external features belong to butterfly. A.Wings , beak B.Wings , feathers C.Wings . six legs
  3. Which animal has the same body covering as chicken? A. Duck B. dragonfly
  4. Which plant has a woody stem? A.Rose plant B.Balsam plant C.Fern
  5. Which of the following are non flowering plants A.Fern and mushroom B.Daisy plant and orchid plant C.Bird’s nest fern and rose plant